LATEST: CAA final decision on Route 4:
Reversion to legacy position pushed back to February 2021

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CAA final decision on Route 4:
CAA directs route revert to
legacy position by 9 October 2020

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Route 4 reversion to
2012 (pre-PRNAV) route:
CAA proposes lawful end to the original
Route 4 airspace change proposal

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Residents living North of Gatwick, from Newdigate, Capel, Leigh, Norwood Hill, Sidlow, Salfords, Outwood and Horley, have come together to form Plane Justice, a collective which seeks to support (whether through communication, discussion, or legal process) those who are, or would be, newly affected by aircraft noise.

Formed in response to changes made to Gatwick departure Route 4 in May 2016, the founders of Plane Justice have experienced on a personal level the stress, anxiety and sense of hopelessness and financial insecurity that changing flight paths causes to communities.

We are about bringing common sense, fact-based thinking and a caring and ethical dimension into decision making about the management of airspace, which in our experience to date has been disturbingly absentĀ in a number of quarters.

And we want to bring that same sense of injustice we have felt to the attention of decision makers, in whatever way may be suited to help affected communities achieve resolution.