Plane Justice Ltd -v- CAA: Donating to our Route 4 legal action fighting fund

Following the service by Plane Justice of judicial review proceedings upon the CAA,  we embarked upon the 3rd stage of our fundraising appeal – to finance the legal proceedings right the way through to a full hearing of the judicial review claim in the High Court.

At such a hearing, our legal team will be asking the High Court to nullify (quash) the CAA’s decision on Route 4, and to direct the CAA to reconsider the Route in light of the Court’s ruling.

So we are appealing for donations  to fund stage 3 from all who may be affected by Route 4, as well as from anyone in the wider public who may be sympathetic and wish to support our cause. 

Donations to our Stage 3 legal costs fund are paid directly into our Solicitors’ client account to be held to our order, and all donated monies will go 100% towards our legal costs from now until the end of the judicial review High Court hearing.  All contributions will be treated as confidential. 

There are 2 methods for making donations:-

(i) Electronically: By payments into our Solicitors’ client account (Richard Buxton Environmental & Public Law):-

Account              Richard Buxton
Sort code            16 15 19
Account no.       11237383

Please ensure you include a payment reference which should be in this format: PJ-SURNAME.INITIAL.

So for example, Peter Matthews would use the payment reference:   PJ-MATTHEWS.P

(ii) By Cheque: Made out to “Richard Buxton client account”, and sent to our Solicitors’ offices as follows:-

c/o Adrienne Copithorne (Ref: Plane Justice)
Richard Buxton Environmental & Public Law
19B Victoria Street

Please write PLANE JUSTICE on the back of the cheque.

We confirm an emailed receipt will be issued to each donor, usually within a few working days, if at the time you send your donation you also email with the amount you have sent and whether it was sent by cheque or electronically. 

For those preferring to use Paypal, our Paypal account is:

Our legal team believe we have a good case, though nothing is ever certain in litigation of course, and our funding plans include a contingency in the event we were to lose the legal action.

Why legal action?

From the dialogue and campaigning we and our supporters have undertaken with the CAA and others over the course of the past year, we reluctantly concluded that nothing short of legal action was likely to persuade the CAA to reconsider its decision on Route 4.

Furthermore it is our opinion that by taking a firm stance now in the short term, which includes legal action, it may ultimately render it more likely rather than less that the ‘recommendations’ to ameliorate the damage caused by Route 4 which the CAA mooted in its April decision are pursued with more vigour.

We also believe that if we do not take a firm stand on Route 4, then the authorities may not be inclined to think twice before inflicting further adverse changes upon our communities in relation to future aviation developments in the South-East.