CAA final decision on Route 4: Reversion to legacy position pushed back to February 2021

Although the CAA directed in CAP1912 that reversion was to take place by October of this year at the latest, this will now not occur until February 2021.

This is because Gatwick has disregarded the CAA’s decision (that Route 4 must revert by October this year at the latest), on the basis that it should not comply with the regulatory actions required by the CAA to implement CAP1912 until a number of further procedural measures have either been implemented or retained.

Updates associated with this have been posted on the CAA portal and GAL’s website, and an exchange of correspondence between the CAA and Gatwick concerning Gatwick’s delay in implementing CAP1912, together with a document relating to two meetings on this subject, can be found at:

Additionally, Gatwick updated their Route 4 ‘blog’ relating to the delay can be accessed here: